Apply to Join Guardly's Limited MMNS Beta Release

The development of our mobile mass notification system (MMNS) has come out of hundreds of conversations with customers and potential customers. Only ten (10) lucky applicants will have an opportunity to participate in our early-access Beta and receive eligible service discounts.


Do you Embrance Technology Innovation?

If you answered "YES", then you're a GREAT candidate to join our beta release program. As a fellow technology enthusiast, you're exactly the person we'd love to work with to refine the service to align with your needs.


System Benefits

  • Emergency Preparedness: Pre-configure and preview notifications for specific emergencies
  • Instant Feedback: Assurance that the mass notifications are sent/opened
  • Key Asset Protection: Identify people at risk (by geography or building, or by key individuals)
  • Threat Intelligence: Enhance situational awareness from inbound messages and photos sent by notification recipients
  • Comply with local laws, regulations, instructions and orders to inform people you safeguard about imminent threats
  • Uphold a duty of care to people you protect 


System Capabilities

  • Send up to 500,000 mobile notifications in seconds
  • Selectively target notification recipients by geofences
  • Include rich-media (text, photos, URLs) in mass notification
  • Real-time analytics and reporting on notification interactions
  • Receive HELP requests and OK confirmations
  • Receive inbound text messages and photos from notification recipients
  • Preview notifications prior to mass broadcast
  • Two-factor authentication to secure sending capabilities
  • CAP-compliant notifications can interoperate with third-party systems
  • Supports Android and iOS smartphones (additional platforms coming soon)


Beta Application Deadline

The application period for the Early Access Beta Program ends on August 31, 2013 at 11:59pm EDT.



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